Dryer Vent Cleaning and Laundry Room Storage

Dryer vent cleaning is important appliance maintenance for a number of reasons. The most important reason to clean dryer vents is to prevent dryer fires. Dryer vent cleaning is one of the most neglected chores; yet, one of the most important. Kudos to those who clean dryer vents regularly; shame on those who don’t!

Another issue of concern is what you may have stored in your laundry room. For many people, the laundry room also serves as a “junk room” where various items are kept. Where else would one keep things like cleaning supplies, grocery bags and pet foods? What about paint, spackling, tools and charcoal lighter? Or boxes full of odds and ends, future garage sale items or stuff you plan to donate to charity? While the laundry room may seem to be the perfect place to store things it can also be the most dangerous place. Some things are better stored in the garage, shed or basement.

Clutter in the utility room can be flammable. If a fire were to occur, the nearby items would serve as fuel to feed the hungry flames. Is the clutter blocking your path to the fire extinguisher? Or is it blocking the path for firefighters? Even if the clutter does not cause the fire, it can cause more damage if a fire occurs.

Belmont, NH: A dryer fire left 10 people, including 6 children, homeless. The malfunctioning dryer, in the basement of an apartment building, set fire to nearby debris according to fire officials.

Be careful what you store in your laundry room. Sure, you want the rest of your home to be presentable, and company rarely goes into the laundry room. Out of sight, out of mind…until you smell smoke!

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